Best of Lombok Tourist Attractions Near the Airport

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Can not be denied again that the popularity of Lombok Island as a holiday destination is very high. Proved not only local or domestic tourists who visit here but also foreign tourists often stop in the island of Lombok to spend the holidays or just calm yourself from the urban bustle. There are so many Lombok attractions near the airport are often chosen by tourists at home and abroad.

Not only in the outskirts of Lombok, there are several attractions that are also located in the vicinity of the airport. This tourist attraction is quite crowded and one reason is its location adjacent to the airport so that tourists do not have to spend more. Moreover, in the vicinity of the airport are also available hotels with affordable prices to international class lodging. So, no wonder Lombok tourist attraction near the airport is always crowded especially during the holidays. Well, in this review we will review a few tourist areas selected by most tourist:

Lombok Tourist Attractions Near Airport

Many people including wisatawatan looking for beach-themed tourist spot and history that is near the Airport. Beach tours are chosen because the beach offers exotic scenery and the sound of waves can be a soul-soothing medium. While the history tour is chosen because the historical value contained in it is very valuable.
Here are Lombok tourist objects near the Airport that are pity to miss:

1. Pantai Kuta Mandalika

Pantai Kuta Lombok (2)

If you think that Kuta Beach is only in Bali then you need to visit Lombok Island because in Lombok you can find a beach named Kuta Mandalika. This one beach offers a panorama that is still original and natural. Kuta Beach Mandalika is popular with its fine white sand grains like pepper grains. Big waves are often used by surfers at home and abroad.

2. Pantai Mawun


pantai dekat bandara

Lombok tourist attraction near the next beach themed beach is Mawun Beach. This beach is not far from Semeti Beach. However, the location is arguably a bit hidden. Characteristic of the beach is clean white sand. The color of sea water that looks light blue and green make the tourists feel at home here. There are also large trees on the beach that can be used by tourists to take shelter from the sun.

3. Desa Sade

objek wisata Lombok dekat Bandara

Sade village is an ancient village that supposedly has a high history of cultural development in Lombok. This village seems to have been formed since 600 years ago. When visiting here, the tourists can see the reflection of the life of the Sasak people or indigenous tribes of Lombok in antiquity. Uniquely, many people are not familiar with technology so that the pattern of life is still alive in a simple way.

4. Desa Sukarare

objek wisata Lombok dekat Bandara

Lombok tourism object near the theme of the next tourist village of Sukakare Village. This one village is said to be a village that almost most of the population works as a maker of songket typical weaving. Woven fabrics typical of Lombok Island generally have a variety of motives and high historical value. One of them is Subanalae motif where this motif is made by the wife of the king for several months in her room.
Well, if you want to visit Lombok tourist attraction near the Airport, do not forget to start the journey from the morning and it is advisable to rent a motorcycle matic to surround the places.