Lombok is always providing exotic nature is very beautiful. There are even a lot of tourist destinations in Lombok are still untouched by humans. One tourist destination that you can use as a destination traveler is Senggigi beach is very beautiful. Although it is quite famous and a lot of development, the beauty of this one beach you can fight with other beautiful beaches.

This beach can be visited in the western part of the coastal island of Lombok. Although the size of this beach is not as big as Kuta beach in Bali, but my friend can enjoy the sensation of a holiday on the beach Kuta kuta. When starting to set foot in Senggigi Beach, you will be presented with breeze breeze which is very cool and soothing. This is what makes the traveler feel at home for long on this beach.

Beautiful Senggigi Beach that makes hooked

If asking this beach to the people around would be a lot of people know. This beach is quite famous for the people around and the tourists who often visit to Lombok. But you need to know, although the famous beach is still awake beautiful and natural.

Sometimes very famous beaches will be a lot of inorganic garbage everywhere such as plastic, bottled drinks and others. It is certainly different from Senggigi. Senggigi Beach is in addition to still have a very natural atmosphere, also has the beauty of marvelous underwater life. Try renting a dive to enjoy it. Moreover, the waves are not too big and very safe to bersnorkeling ria.
In addition, this beach also has a long coastline and very beautiful, especially when viewed from a height. It is clear how the sand beaches are dark to white and the waves are rhythmically soft and calm.

Very Supportive Facilities

Well, for travelers who want to try to find the sunrise, can find a hotel around Senggigi Beach. There are innumerable hotels or inns that can be used for overnight. Price issues do not worry, all hotels and inns have very varied prices. So can be tailored to each budget.



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