AyoKeLombok.com – Gili is one of the icons of tourism in Lombok, and can be used as a barometer of tourism development in Lombok and currently after the earthquake At least 1,500 tourists have visited Gili Matra (Meno, Air and Trawangan) after the earthquake disaster. This was conveyed by the Head of the North Lombok Culture and Tourism Office, H. Muhammad, Tuesday (10/10).

“As of September 1, guests have arrived. The situation is normal, about 1,500 people, “claimed Muhammad.

According to him, the stigma built in three gili itself is quite good among tourists. As a result of the disaster, apparently tourists who in fact foreign countries understand these conditions. So that when the conditions of tourist destinations have been considered safe, then it does not take long for tourists to crowded the three islands.

But for now most of the tourists visiting from the 3 Gili are tourists who come from Bali using Fast Boat fast boats.

“Three big fast boats from Bali still carry tourists. This is different from a week after a disaster. If yesterday it was still down, “he said.

“Yesterday I went to Gili Meno too, it was the same, it started to get crowded,” he added.

He explained, generally when the normal conditions of tourism three gili inhabited up to 2,500 tourists and even more. That is, tourists who come now are not comparable like normal days. so it takes a visit of around 1,000 tourists again so that the conditions of the 3 dyke return to normal as usual.

For this reason, his party has taken a step to stretch the promotion, the implication of which is to make as many visits as possible.

“One of them is to help, then we will hold an event there,” he explained.

The event intended by Muhammad is to be initiated by the Reggae Festival next year. However, this year, customary events such as “Gili Begawe” will still be held.

In the near future he will coordinate with the village, to organize the annual event.

“Yes, Reggae’s plan is in 2019, but if it is still like Gili Begawe. We will write to the village to be held this year, “he said. (iko)


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