One of the tourist destinations on the island worth a visit is Pura Taman Mayura. Although it is a place of worship. Mayura Park has a building object and ornament is great for spot photo. In addition, Mayura Park is also a picture of how religious people are very harmonious with each other and the real form that Indonesia has a high value diversity.
To visit this Mayura Park, you can use private vehicles. Or can also with public transportation. The distance is about 15 minutes if using public transport from the city of Mataram. This temple includes a destination in the middle of the city is quite comfortable for tourists. Because there are so many ayau hotels that can be selected in this area.

The story of Taman Mayura Pura History

Like other tourist destinations in Indonesia, the Mayura Park on Lombok Island also keeps historical stories interesting enough to be heard. The name of Taman Mayura comes from Sanskrit which has the meaning of Mayura as the Peacock. This temple was built by Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem around the year 1744 with the initial name Kalepug Park which means the fall of water in the lake.
In the area of ​​Pura this was once a lot of snakes, then imported peacock from Palembang to eat it. The presence of the peacock then the temple changed its name to Taman Mayura Temple. We can see the reliefs of peacocks and snakes as one of the historical evidence.

Besides having a history story, this temple is also one of the silent witnesses of the triumph of the Singasari kingdom and the life of the Balinese in the area of ​​Lombok around the 19th century. What attracts travelers can see how long ago Indonesia lived in harmony of religious people. This is evident from the statue inside the Kale Bale or floating building located right in the middle of the pool of Taman Pura Mayura.
There are various statues of religions in Indonesia during the time of King Singasari and Mataram. The statues depict Muslims, Chinese as well as Javanese sculptures. During the Dutch colonial era, Bale Kambang was used as a court to try certain cases. The traveler can easily enjoy the temple that is still very natural and quiet with lots of mangosteen trees lined up. The cleanliness of Pura Taman Mayura is also well maintained.×543.jpg


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